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Public Relations and School RIghts

Apparently schools are being refused the right to access to media or to publicize media at this point in time, which is absolutely absurd. I haven't much to speak on the topic, but I believe that all schools should be granted the right - not privilege - to publicize any form of media they wish, including but not limited to media encouraged or endorsed by the students or the student body.


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School Safety/Parkland Protest in Kent, WA

Today was the day during which a national protest took place. This protest was directed to achieve 3 things:

1. To grab the attention of the Trump Administration, which has been, up until recently, advocatimg for gun rights and the NRA.

2. To help promote gun control for the sake of school safety.

3. To honor the victims of Parkland, Sandy Hook, L.A., Carthage Nursing home, and every annual shhoting that has occurred since the dawn of the United States. Find a list of them all here:

Video will soon be up. Check back later.

New book: Healthy Living

I'm publishing a new book on how to get and maintain a healthy lifestyle for $3 on Amazon.
Here's a preview of what's to come on April 14th.