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A Train of Thought

I have got to stop formatting these in proper MLA. It makes everything look weird, as some previous posts will show you.

As I should proceed to say, I've been facing a strange anomaly lately, which is that I have plenty of time to do plenty of things, but yet I struggle to find time to do things when I come up with things to do. The entire situation is near driving me mad. As I am writing this, it is 3:22 PM on Saturday. Where did Friday go? There are only 8 1/2 hours of Saturday remaining!

I get paid on Thursday for my two days of work in February, yet the very thing I would like is something that I cannot seem to find. I will need to eventually change which case I am using to contain my PC, because my current case does not even support the 360mm radiator with which I am currently cooling my CPU. The radiator is laying across the top of the case, secured only by zip ties and rubber bands. It is an atrocity, and an insult to the PC Master Race. Console Peasants approach me and use only my PC as an example of "how hideous PC gaming really is". I shall show them that this is not the **case** when I get one that supports it.

You may be thinking at this given point, "well, loads of cases support 360mm radiators, so actually Levi, you're wrong". Well, the thing is that I don't just want a case that supports a 360mm radiator, but I want one that both supports a 360mm radiator and contains a hotswap cage. This is because I hope to share my PC with the family, but my youngest brother is not to be trusted with installing software. In fact, he can't even keep a PC clean of malware WITHOUT administrative privileges. He installed something onto my father's laptop which drained the battery with a minimum of 3 times faster and slowed the PC by taking up lots of processing power in a background task. I'm not even sure what it was doing which took of so much CPU power. On the other hand, the processor in that laptop isn't exactly fast at an AMD A1 APU. Truth is, I had to wait all day for it to write the initial Windows 10 Image to my flash drive after Windows 7 failed me on this PC.

I'm just starting to think about partitioning the drive in order to dualboot Windows 10 alongside Ubuntu or some other distribution of Linux. I like Ubuntu, but there's lots of other options, and Canonical seems to be leaning towards the brink of closed-source software and profiteering. They have added a new "Ubuntu 1" system and the "Ubuntu Store" to the OS, mimicking Windows 8 and 10's store section. In the Ubuntu Store, all apps require membership with Ubuntu 1, which is thankfully free, but some apps require payment for use and licensing. Canonical has also worked with Microsoft to embed the Ubuntu terminal to Windows, alongside some undisclosed matters. Ubuntu used to be officially called "Ubuntu Linux", but they've taken Linux out of the name. Scary stuff.

Having all this been said, I think it is about time to sign off and wish you all a good day.

-Levi Collinsworth,
Writer at Collinsworth Independent.


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