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My new Twitch channel!

Hello, hello!
It has certainly been an extensive length of time since I last had this site up, but don't worry: It will remain up this time. I'll try to keep this domain for many years to come, but my family might eventually get upset at me for hogging the last name. This is all besides the point. I am posting again here to announce my new Twitch Channel! You can find it at or embedded in a post made newer than this for your convenience. I will be broadcasting properly every Saturday at 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. What's cool about those hours is that they're the last available hours that remain the same on a 12-hour and 24-hour clock! At times, I will host the COSMOS channel to my channel. I game on the same PC that I broadcast from, and so far, I broadcast in 720p. 1080p will be tested soon enough, I promise you that much. I've found that Minecraft and Tomb Raider play nicely still yet with the same PC pulling the task of broadcasting in 720p. Pretty much every day that's not Saturday, I will try to run tests on varying games at varying settings to see what gives the viewers (which may include you) the best streaming experience possible. There is medium to high delay in getting footage from gameplay to the server, and as a result, when I am able to finally see comments while playing, you won't see my response until a short to long time after I've said it, depending on how OBS, Twitch, and Xfinity want to play. I have major concerns over the latter of the three. I now apologize for the rant!


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