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18 - Good, Bad, Ugly, or Pretty?

Collinsworth 1
Levi Collinsworth
Collinsworth Independent
30 January 2018

So I've just turned 18, but what are the advantages? Disadvantages? Inconveniences vs. Conveniences? Well, I've just gone Googling this a lot, and as it turns out, there really aren't that many reasons that it is nice to be 18. There are reasons that it's annoying, in more plenty.

*I can now legally buy and sell stock.
*I can authoritatively sign my own forms for field trips, should those come up at any point (the school's budget has fallen flat on it's face).
*I can rent an apartment, if I ever have the money.

*If I ever get into legal trouble, I'm on my own and tried as an adult
*I'll have to start doing my own accounting, and have a W-2 to complete on a yearly basis.
*There will be paperwork everywhere.
*Metro rides cost more.

I honestly have never been sure if I'd survive to 18. Nature's a tough son of a bitch, and puts every species through as many illnesses as possible in an attempt to skim for those with talents and abilities to fight. If you pass every test throughout life, one will still await you: Alzheimer's Syndrome. You will forget the easiest things, and some of the hardest things. The disease robs you of all of your memories.

Anyways, I'm super-tired, and this is not the time to write an article. I apologize right here for any lack of quality or consistency in the article, I'll look over it in the morning and maybe revise it. For now, it'll be a direct publication. 

See you all later!


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