Collinsworth Minecraft Server

Creative means no limits

I encourage players on my server to build whatever they want as long as they don't intrude on another player's space or destroy their work. I believe that creativity and collaboration can equate to a wonderful and inviting space.

Check out some of the upcoming events I have planned for the server

These events are free for anybody to participate in and players will be encouraged to try them out. They will utilize temporary maps, so don't worry about things you've made being gone, they'll still be there after the event is over and the server goes back to the normal map.

Hunger Games

From time to time, I'll setup a game of the Hunger Games in which players must battle each other until there is one clear winner. All participants must begin at the cornucopia. Players not interested will also be allowed to spectate if they choose.

The Dropper

One of Minecraft's most fear-inducing, well-designed, eye-candy maps will be made available on certain days. Any player who chooses to join must follow the in-game rules. Default game mode will be adventure at these times.


The challenge of building an island out of minimal resources in survival in the middle of the sky is back and it ain't playing around. After the event is over, I can grant a copy of the map to any player who feels accomplished in their work during the session. If you do not request a copy, it will be lost to the ages.

What are you waiting for?

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Server runs MC version 1.16.1